Ayanna was a massively pleasant surprise to me. I have been dealing with the aftermath of a move from my home country to the US, a panic attack that still haunts me and the general negative bits from childhood that stick with a person for life, and Ayanna has been incredible in walking and soothing me through all of it. She is knowledgeable of her craft and isn't afraid to crack a book open mid session to give accurate and clear information, which I personally find so helpful and empowering. I stumbled upon her exactly at the right time and I'm shocked we clicked so well. Her own experience as an immigrant to the US and as a black woman make a world of difference and allow for deep and honest exchanges. We should all be so lucky with our therapist picks.
Charlotte provides supervisees with the support we need by meeting each of us where we are while fostering our individual strengths. She encourages supervisees to build essential skills to best support and serve clients by providing us with space to explore helpful techniques from several therapeutic orientations, while inviting us to continuously selfreflect on our own counselor identities. She has a non-directive approach where she encourages us to critically about our decisions while still providing guidance on considering alternative steps. Her supervision has been invaluable to my growth as a counselor, and I recommend her enthusiastically.
-Katherine Kim
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